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The vows are a nice idea, but if you find yourself at 35, 45, 55, ... and miserable in your marriage, do you resign yourself to being miserable for the rest of your days and then dying? Or hoping your spouse dies young so you'll be free? Neither of these are things I wanted to think about.

100 years ago, there was a ton of familial, church, and societal support to keep couples together, there were multiple generation under one roof, there were aunts, uncles, cousins living close by. There was no social safety net if you got sick. Children were your pension when you were too old, sick, blind, to work. Given all this, there was a lot more incentive to tough it out, mainly because there were no other options for many people.

Today, couples are on their own, for the most part. We have government and private pensions, healthcare, savings, etc. Children are fewer and a financial minus. Families move around a lot more than they used to so you may have few to no relatives close by.

Vows not withstanding, it's no wonder the divorce rate is up. Little external support and financial and social options.
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