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Originally Posted by tunnelight View Post
Hi all, Just wondering what is the best way to point out documents that are not in continuing record, or things in documents that are in the OCL's hands ? Is it a safe bet to take a binder with you ?

What about communications between the other parent and yourself that are not in continuing record ? The OCL case worker has mentioned they will go through them. In a tabbed binder I suppose is the best way to go about this?

What are your thoughts on providing the worker with a Word document that outlines my concerns ?

When meeting with the worker, is it okay to go through the document to point out your concerns as opposed to memorizing everything ?

There are a lot of details and issues in my case and I'm trying to represent them in the best way possible without causing confusion.


I find each OCL worker does something different. Ours refused to receive any documents directly from either party. Everything had to be filed as an exhibit and/or be in the court file. I've also heard otherwise. In your initial conversation, ask what is the best way for you to exchange information to them. They should be pretty forthright immediately with what they are prepared to do.
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