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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
perhaps you should specify exactly how you propose address these issues with examples

w.r.t. 3rd party statements - these are endorsements of your parenting skills which they have observed correct? (hearsay dirt on the other parent would be inadvisable and only show you to be high-conflict).
Yes, absolutely. I'm only providing a high level generalized statement here. I am proposing shared parenting due to the alienation and joint custody due to information being withheld and unilateral decisions being made. I would be open to parallel parenting if joint custody can't work. If parallel parenting isn't an option either then I would be going for sole. Not looking to eliminate the other parents involvement and would still involve them in the decisions as they are the other parent and should be involved.

w.r.t 3rd parties, yes , depends who it is. The school and CAS have seen me interact with child and have positive things to say. Daycare provider has made false allegations to CAS about me and has said they don't wish to see me when CAS allegations were turned back on them, have verbally attacked me in presence of the child, insulted and disrespected me, and involved themself in our case being enlisted by other parent in her alienation efforts and seem to be an ally of the other parent at this time. So I am not sure what daycare would say. The teachers have noticed odd behaviors and witnessed concerning comments made by our child. Exchange center we were using noticed child would say they didn't like me before exchanges and then make complete opposite comments when other parent was gone.

My comments about other parent on merely based on documented incidents and action, messages I have received from them in writing and things I have witnessed, observed in their presence or things I have been told from our child which I feel are important to share with the social worker.

Still looking to understand how to best present these things without causing confusion given the details and the number of different incidents. I guess I should mention other parent presently has sole custody, and I'm in the process of changing that to joint, or reversing it.
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