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Pursuinghappiness, Are you calling me a woman who is not hard-working because we agreed for me to stay home and raise our kids while my husband focused on his career?

Do you think all I did was housework and cook? My neighbours always commmented on how hard I worked at home; work which was not typical of a housewife from cutting trees to shovelling and spreading 10 yards of mulch. Backbreaking work. As well, I was and still am a very active volunteer in the community, a caregiver for my father and was for my mother-in-law. You make it sound as if I'm a Stepford wife or something and had countless available hours daily.

You are very judgmental. You have no idea how big of a home we owned, how large our property was, and the day-to-day activities our children were involved in. My husband appreciated at that time that I was home to manage it all without him having to rearrange his schedules and/or lift a finger.

And, I do have a job. It pays me minimum wage. I am now limited physically due to health issues the type of job I can do. Please stop insinuating I am lazy, and entitled. And we will have to disagree what lifestyle I am "entitled" to. My husband worked long hours and so did I.

My arrangement with my husband was decided by both of us once our third child was born. We had a "real" partnership as you say. We both worked hard to raise three amazing smart hard-working children.
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