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Ive looked through stuff on canlii and there are a few cases on various access to info issues. In all of them the judge has ruled that if a child wants to continue to receive support and a portion of expenses from a parent, they cannot exclude that parent from information.

The ex makes unilateral decisions on the kids welfare-regardless of their ages-and then demands my partners portion of the expense. Normally its without even a receipt. She is withholding info purposely and then saying the kids don't want him to know. He's had two issues with organizations going back to the ex to have her give them permission to provide info to him. Even though it is specifically written in their agreement that as long as the child is a child of the marriage, he has the right to receive information, however the privacy act prevents the organization from sharing that.

He is requesting full disclosure on everything at the cc because he is entitled to know what the expenses she is requesting are for. His lawyer said she should be providing all of these details and her refusal to do so may affect her case.
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