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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
I do remember while walking down the aisle with my father I was thinking "what the f++k am I doing?"
My mom came over for a coffee 2 nights before the wedding, and I told her then that I thought I was making a mistake. She fully encouraged me to call it off but how do you cancel 250 guests who have pre-booked hotel rooms, a hall, caterers, florists? Water under the bridge now. However, if our kidlet calls me 2 days in advance of her wedding to share the same, Ill be making all of the calls and cancelling everything for her.

I posed the original question because at a recent graduation ceremony, I finally deduced that my ex will be in my life until death parts us. As a parent who separated when our kidlet was 1 and is now 22, the ex is still in my life. Do I see him daily/regularly? No, of course not.

However when kidlet finishes her masters, plans a wedding, perhaps has some babies - those babies will have birthdays, dance recitals, and then weddings. And I fully intend on participating in all of the above as does he.

I suppose Ill go to his funeral, if he dies first, and I trust hell come to mine, if I go first. He might dance on my grave , but I doubt it. Hell hold himself back in front of the kidlet, and focus on being her parent, rather than on being an ex.
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