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They are to make joint decisions on everything but ex has never followed that. When discussing the approach to the response to the ex's motion (for everything under the sun), the lawyer said her actions and the actions of the children will be scrutinized. Both kids refuse to speak to him now as a result of the court action but one is over 18. Both kids have never shared details with him on health, education and activities. For the younger one he has had to provide the court order for everything but medical. The treatment he disagreed with because he was not consulted and has never received anything but a statement that he owes $$$$. Now we know why--kid doesn't want him knowing which means ex doesn't want him knowing.

And in case I didn't make it clear, kids have been heavily coached since before the separation. Now that they're "old enough" they "make their own decisions". His lawyer said that those decisions could impact how the case goes. Its not that he doesn't want to pay for them, he wants to know whats happening with his kids instead of just writing a cheque.
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