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Actually Newfie 76 there really is nothing funny about it if you were to know what aweful things happened after the marriage.Ex was arrested for Hostage taking, death threats to the children, me, the neighbors. Lost his drivers license twice for serious road rage incidents. Lost his job after he was arrested at work for assaulting a co-worker. I never had charges laid against him. He was convicted of assault against others, destruction of public property, road rage, criminal harassment. His Brain injury. Not funny. At all.

I didn't want to grow old with this man because it was hell surviving living with him as a young woman. I couldn't imagine being able to get out of the way fast enough as an old woman to dodge flying crowbars and other inanimate objects. Let alone putting up with the temper tantrums, drinking and foul language. Getting the kids and I out alive and in one piece was hard enough.

When he told me he thought it was romantic to have his last name on my tombstone I should have run in the opposite direction as fast as my legs could carry me...but I was much younger then and naive.

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