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Default Arbitration

My ex has decided to terminate mediation and proceed to arbitration after 5 years of back and forth with no resolution.

She didn't like the SA that both parties signed (with counsel fully involved on both sides) almost as soon as the ink was dry and is battling on all sorts of issues (retro C/S, retro S7, retro spousal).

What is funny is that all children are done school and 2 of 3 are now working full time and one has paid off all school loans already and all want no further help.

My lawyer is preparing very well for this and believe we have strong arguments and so far, no one on both sides are biting on any offers to settle.

Any advice on how to dress, behave, and styles of questioning/answering? I hear it's a lot like court, except the arbitrator is a very experienced Family Law professional so hopefully the result will be OK!

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