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Default My time was cut short

Has anyone experienced this or know what to do about it?

I had a Motion scheduled for a couple of hours. The docket was full and other shorter Motions went ahead of us. The first part of the Motion (my Motion) well but then after the other side argued their Motion (he talked so slow), we were running out of time. It was my turn afterward to rebut his Motion. The Judge said that I only had a short amount of time because Court rose at that time. The other lawyer made all his submissions and I had to rush through mine, trying to skip around and hit on the important points but I missed some points.

The Motion was scheduled for 4 hours and we got about 3 hours. The other lawyer argued his whole motion and I didn't get a chance to argue against if effectively because of the time crunch.

I didn't mind the Judge, he was reasonable, patient and as accommodating as he could be. I am sure that he will make a fair decision based on what her heard but I didn't get a chance to point out all the discrepancies in the other sides case.

Anyone here get cut short? What did you do? It doesn't seem fair that the other side presented their whole case and I didn't get the same amount of time
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