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I worked throughout our marriage (outside our home and/or as partner in business). I most definitely utilized daycare even when I wasn't working. My ex did not do anything around the house (we had gardener). We also employed a housekeeper for some years. I did ALL cooking, laundry and was the social organizer... I made my ex's life wonderful. He didn't even shop for his own underwear or shop for gifts for his own family. I visited his relatives when they were ill or in the hospital. I did it all. In 30 years my ex ironed his shirts on (1) occasion. In last home we lived in ex didn't know we had central vac as he asked what the long hose was for when we were moving out. We didn't own a lawnmower for 20 years. Both my ex and I enjoyed fruits of our labor and traveled quite often. We both enjoyed membership in an exclusive golf course. For a few years my ex loved to brag how he ran his business from the golf course.

My takeway - NEVER go into business with your partner. NEVER NEVER NEVER
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