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Piggyback, I was a working mom at the beginning of our 23 year marriage. I worked for a school board and had a potentially nice career ahead of me. While pregnant with baby number 3 while our oldest was only three (3 kids in three years), my "Wasband", an employment lawyer, advised me to take an attractive buy-out the board was offering as it merged with another. In fact, he was my independent legal advice the board paid for before I could accept the buy-out.

So I stayed home with the kids. There was no need for daycare costs and latchkey, and Wasband left the house at 5:00 am and returned at 6:00 pm every week day coming home to a perfectly cooked meal. And he went to the office Sunday nights. To this day he still does this. He never had to adjust his schedule, could travel at leisure when necessary, and build himself a solid practice.

He did NOTHING at home, not even the yard work. Not even shovelling the snow. So please don't tell me he paid for my shelter and food like I should be grateful. It was an agreed partnership and he discouraged me to find work once the children were in school because that would have meant him having to be more hands on at home.

I am now 52 and have not worked in an office setting (I was a paralegal) for 18 years, since before the internet was a thing. I am not very marketable and will never find employment to be self-sufficient to the standard of living I have been.

Staying at home with three babies was not fun, nor is it a cop out.
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