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When you were together did she stay home to raise the children? Was she working prior to marrying you? Did she have to sacrifice because of being with you? These are all important questions for Spousal Support. Neither spouse is automatically awarded ss. SS is meant for a spouse who sacrificed their career in order to benefit the marriage.

So if the answer is no to the questions above, I would not offer any SS or minimal SS. If the answer is yes, then you can use to find out what range of SS you could be ordered to pay and offer the lower amount.

I would include an offer for CS based on the offset method.

I also think if you are the primary parent and the kids go to the school within your boundaries, your offer should accept not moving out of the jurisdiction as long as the children attend the schools but ensure it also states that while you share joint custody/equal time sharing, you are the primary parent.

As for driving, I would not agree to doing all the driving and offer that she does the driving when she is picking up and you do the driving if you are picking up. She is responsible for getting the kids for her time.

The point of an offer to settle is to show the judge that should this go to trial, you made attempts that were fair to try to settle without trial so you are not ordered to pay costs. It also gives the opportunity for your ex to see your position and hopefully accept the offer.
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