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Hi Everyone as you now I've now been served..

Question 1 , lawyer wants to make an offer to settle , I get the point to this as my Lawyer indicated it is an important factor in the case. but would do you think would be reasonable, I make 84,000 she make now 18,00 per hour so I'm assuming she would be around 32,000 this is her new wage as of Feb this year. she is requesting back spousal also from date of separation sept 2014. Married Sept 99 , 2 kids 12 and 14

also in application She is asking me to share the driving as she choose to move across town and the kids come to my house everyday, she is asking me to even drive them to her place on her day ? doesn't make sense to me . I stayed in the matrimonial home so they could stay in the same schools.

Also that I can't move from the city limits ? I understand not ever moving far but not to able to move a few min out of town , ? as long as the kids stay at there same schools ?
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