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Originally Posted by piggybanktoex View Post
Stay home does not support the other spouse's career. That is a cop-out.

It could equally be stated that the stay home received shelter, food, and anything else provided by the working spouse without having to earn money to help pay for it.

An exception would be if one left school to support the other's education to become a professional and the other was not afforded the same chance.

If both partners work, then both are working and neither is supporting the other. So if one is not working, why are they suddenly the reason the other can work.

Make no sense.

My ex gets 6 figures/year, works part-time after 3rd marriage failed, and I'm still on the hook for another decade.

So because I (not her) had a successful business, she will have got to live off me for roughly 40 years by the end of her SS. Instead of paying her way thru life.

Nice work, if you can get it. Just saying.
There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to SS. Situations vary.

Someone who forgoes a career to stay home and look after children and household, so spouse's career flourishes, has a strong argument for SS IMO.

Piggybank - why do you not consider "lump sum" payout? While you place no value on what your ex did while you were married, you have found out that the court has a different view.
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