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Originally Posted by Rioe View Post
If he sent you something in writing about wanting to go back all the way to 2012, then he will have a hard time retracting that willingness just because it's no longer in his favour the way he expected.

"Your honour, he originally wanted to go back to 2012 (see this letter from him indicating I owe him $7000). When we did all the recalculations correcting past inaccuracies, it worked out fairly evenly (see this spreadsheet). Now, he is retracting his intention to go back to 2012, saying it's more appropriate to only go back to 2014, (see this letter from him indicating I would owe him $X). It seems apparent that his interest is in using whatever method would get him money, not in correcting our previous inaccurate methods to ensure our division of payments for the children has been fair and accurate for both of us all along. I ask that you go by the correct calculations going back to 2012 and declare it a wash, and we can do everything correctly going forward with what we have learned. This is especially important when you consider that the amounts from 2012 and 2013, which he now asks that we set aside, were incorrect due to him not notifying me of his increased income (I think you mentioned this in a previous post).

Thanks Rioe. When stated this way it makes sense to me that he would have a hard time with this, especially given all the other examples of not following the financial parts of the agreement in the past I could bring up. I guess he's just trying anything he can.

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