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My ex is a pathological liar. Either I missed it for 20 years or these proceedings brought it out.

His affidavits were 100% full of crazy talk, mine weren't. They were calm, rational and to the point.

I ran into a loose canyon judge who ruled against me plus I had some situations that created the need for me to be self represented.

I thought it was the end of the wasn't.

It was the exact opposite.

At trial I self repped very successfully because I knew the facts well and therefore I could catch the ex in every lie...a lawyer couldn't know the case well enough to do that.

I won there plus at the Court of Appeal. My ex's constant lies caught up with him.

Take whatever you need out of this. I never thought I could self rep because I have a General Anxiety Disorder.

But meds kept me calm enough to focus for the 3 day trial. And the ex's lies in his Court of Appeal were very, very easy to refute as I used the evidence there that I had used at trial. (Btw I won at trial which is why the ex appealed to the Court of Appeal).

Eventually it may catch up with them and you. Eventually seems like forever and I never thought that I'd live thru it.

Good luck, I don't know what to say other than at trial I had volumes of evidence which were available to catch him in each lie, which allowed me to use that against him to totally destroy his credibility.

It sounds nasty. It is.

All this stuff is horrible, at least that's my experience.

We wouldn't be on this website if we weren't all going thru our own personal hell IMHO.

It just may be possible to live thru all of this and start a new life again....wishing the all of the very best for you.
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