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Default 48 hour notice clause

I have my children every other weekend. We had a clause in the agreement I would give 48 hours notice visitation would commence. My job is sporadic and my ex would try to work the wkds I had the kids. This clause was put in place to give my ex time to find sitters for the kids if I was stuck working on my access wkds.

I am now remarried and my wife is home on the weekends as well as we have a little girl. My ex is now on disability and does not work. This past weekend I was late by a few hours giving my notice for access and my ex made other plans for the children.

We are in the middle of court proceedings and trying to settle out of court. However I think given the circumstances this 48 hour clause should be changed to 24 hours or even instead of 48 hours notice visitation will commence to only 48 hours notice if I have to cancel (maybe happens 1-2x a year) this way there will be less communication between us since is is not very friendly on her part and it causes so much unnecessary conflict. I would like the kids every other wkd delivered to my house indefinitely unless I give 48 hours notice to cancel. The kids don't need childcare as ex does not work.

Any suggestions how to write this up? We already stated in the first proposal that we would continue with the 48 hour notice but after this past incidence of making plans for the kids because I was busy working and failed to email her exactly 48 hours is crap.

I know a response to my proposal is coming as per her lawyer so since nothing is set in stone yet can this be changed and what would be the fairest way to bring this up?

She does not allow the kids to come if I am not home the FULL duration of their visit which also means if I have to work late the Friday of drop if I am SOL? I am penalized with refusal of visits for being the only working parent my children have.
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