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Default Proceedural question

Hi All,

I have a few proceedural questions.

1- the court order suggests this.

"No further Motions to Change may be made without leave of the court through the Case Management Judge and without service on the other party."

what is the process to get permission from the case management judge? what forms etc do i need to fill to get the above noted permission.

2- The ex lives in one of the gulf states and did not declare any income and claimed that she was not working and managed to get minimum wage imputed to her.

I have now obtained an interview she gave a month prior to the court appearance to a paper in UAE as an employed canadian expat working as a manager in the Gulf, in addition she later slipped up about her being emplyed in an email to me.

Additionally she was expected to give an updated income disclosure by April 15th of this year, which she did not.

are above reasons enough to bring a motion to change (impute income according to her position and force income disclosure?)

3- Any one knows whats the process to force some one to submit legit paystubs from abroad? (ex is expert forger and has forged many documents before so a simple submission by her is most likely going to be forged even if the court forces her to submit.)
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