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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
I don't ever recall disagreement on whether kids should have a social media accounts, make up or wearing heels being relevant to joint custody.

Child does what she wants when they live with dad, and do what they want when they live with you.

disagreement on school, counselling, medication, surgery, religion, etc are things that would be relevant. not disagreements on a belly button piercing.

to show you are being supper cooperative, delete the facebook to respect the other parents concerns. hold back on dying the hair unless the child pushes the issue. the key here is to cooperate as much as you can if he's making a case against you that you are resistant to cooperation.

I tend to agree, however these little trivial things are always being thrown in my face as he sees it as me making "decisions" without consulting him. I just don't want to give him things to use against me but I feel bad for my kids that he's using his grudge against me to deny them things they'd really like.

Ps. It isn't Facebook either. I wouldn't let him have Facebook.

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