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Default Joint custody issues

How do those of you with joint custody deal with being opposed to decisions your ex might support and vice versa?

Examples in my case: one kid wanted to join social media site this summer which I did my due diligence to set up with the utmost of privacy settings, my monitoring and being logged in to his account, as well as lots of education on safety. Ex is opposed now even though he initially told my kid he was ok with it. Now my other child wants to dye her hair for back to school - nothing crazy, as I'm not a flashy person. His girlfriend told my daughter she was not going to be allowed to do that. There are more examples as well, and some not as trivial as these ones...these are just two of the most recent. Am I just at their mercy now that we are in litigation and one of his biggest "complaints" is that I don't participate in joint custody decision making? I don't want to do things that add "evidence" for him but also want my kids to not be turned down every time just because daddy has a beef with mommy. Thoughts please.

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