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Originally Posted by nomad View Post
SO my court date is sept 21 ,
i havent seen my kids since xmas and havent been able to speak to them for almost 3 months , ex refuses to set up skype to comunicate with our autistic son ,
heard all the stupied excuses they broke their phones to lost them to they dont want to see you bla bla ,
they are 15 and 19 the older is severly autistic and needs help using skype to talk to me , ex leaves it to the 15 year to do this ,
any one else every have to go to court for loss of contact?
how did it work out ,
I went through it. I fought tooth and nail. About 3 motions did it. STBX wouldn't give an inch. Kids all live with my know and I have joint custody.

That length of time is ridiculous unless there is some reason for concern regarding access.

Motion for access.
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