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Originally Posted by zanman View Post
She is saying I coerced her into signing it and she had no legal advice even though we both waived our legal advice and even had a lawyer witness it when we both signed it. She is also indicating I told her what to write and that I would uses the kids against her if she didn't sign it . I can't believe the accusations.
She has a very difficult task ahead of her to provide convincing evidence supporting her claim along with a valid reason for taking 3 years to bring this matter up with the court. Judge's aren't stupid and are wise to people who are merely looking to pad their income. I certainly wouldn't lose any sleep over this.

If she has been self-sufficient all along, despite set-back of accident/injuries, and able to earn a living then I wouldn't jump too fast to concede SS.

Perhaps consider and discuss with your lawyer about putting together an "upgrading" package consisting of partial assistance for extension-type courses she could take in her spare time. Of course you would expect her to continue to work full time.
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