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Originally Posted by ottdiv View Post
The opposing counsel was served with a copy of my case conference brief and that's how he got a copy of my "orders sought".
I did not "save" money - I spent money because of the slight of hand deceit by the opposing party. My time as an SRL is valuable too.
I discovered the handwritten changes when I reviewed the endorsement the next day and sent an email/fax to the other party on next working day. I also apprised the head clerk at the court in the subsequent days when I did not get a reply from the other party.

The question for which I am trying to get answers are - what are the laws/regulations/procedures that the other party transgressed ? How do I hold the other party accountable for that infringement/breach of law/rule/procedure etc., I know for a fact that this is being done to suppress disclosure of crucial documents to help the other party's case. Except that I caught the other party red-handed.

If you believe that you have irrevocable proof of unprofessional/unethical conduct then you would probably file a complaint with the law society. Unfortunately, remedies aren't very steep and typically are merely a slap on the wrist by way of lawyer having to do remedial reading. You could check this out with the law society governing lawyers in your province.

If you served notice forthwith to the opposing counsel, who did nothing to remedy the situation, then hopefully judge will change the Order.

This is a pretty reckless thing for a lawyer (officer of the court) to do.
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