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The opposing counsel was served with a copy of my case conference brief and that's how he got a copy of my "orders sought".
I did not "save" money - I spent money because of the slight of hand deceit by the opposing party. My time as an SRL is valuable too.
I discovered the handwritten changes when I reviewed the endorsement the next day and sent an email/fax to the other party on next working day. I also apprised the head clerk at the court in the subsequent days when I did not get a reply from the other party.

The question for which I am trying to get answers are - what are the laws/regulations/procedures that the other party transgressed ? How do I hold the other party accountable for that infringement/breach of law/rule/procedure etc., I know for a fact that this is being done to suppress disclosure of crucial documents to help the other party's case. Except that I caught the other party red-handed.

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