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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
This thread takes me back down memory lane to when ex and I first separated. Our son went to his father's place and was shown around all the rooms - his father had set up house with the g/f. I will never forget my son telling me afterwards about going into the master bedroom and seeing ex and my wedding picture hanging on one side of the wall and the girlfriend & husband's wedding picture hanging beside it. Is that not bizarre? Nothing like going to bed every night with reminder of failed marriage staring you in the face.

That is beyond bizarre to me. I can't believe his new girlfriend would be ok with that!

I have all my wedding photos boxed up in a far corner of my closet. One day my kids may want to see them which is what prevented me from just throwing it all in the garbage. I want them to have the choice and I'm sure they'll be curious. My dress is still in my closet but only out of laziness and the fact that it's probably out of date.

I sold the rings. Then I used the money to pay off some of the debt I was amassing when my ex found out I was seeing someone three months after the final separation and he stopped payments. Ah, good times.

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