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Originally Posted by ottdiv View Post
Dear All,
I am faced with a problem. At the case conference, the opposing party's lawyer took my "orders sought" document, made handwritten changes to it and then submitted it to the registrar as consented order.
However, this changed document was never shown to me by the opposing lawyer or discussed the changes.
Registrar issued the endorsement - long story short, I brought this to the attention of the head clerk at the court and then escalated it via the trial co-ordinator and asked an audience with the concerned judge.
I would like to know what kind of remedies I can seek in this situation and if anybody else had similar experiences where the opposing lawyer/party is using "slight of hand" tricks to subvert your position.

I've seen this before, what I suggest is to bring a motion to set aside that order on the basis that you didn't consent to it. The other party has to prove that the actual order was made on consent (with your signature on it), which was not, plain and simple.
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