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Default Motion for change

Time for a quick update to this thread.

My settlement conference on may 26 went well!

I gained more access (overnights) with A3 and A5.

The op lawyer has sent me the (form 25) order: final for review and consent.

I don't agree with several items on the proposed order, mainly a line that says baring energy neither party shall return to court prior to march 2018 review date.

Since all of this the OP has made several decision for the children unilaterally regardless of joint custody.

Hiring a nanny (this was my criteria for the change)
The judge didn't agree

However maybe I should have set a motion to change custody.

Other examples of unilateral decisions
dentist appointments - she removed my name from the file
Visits to CHEO without notification
Daycare for summer coverage
Refusal to register A3 to proposed daycare.

Furthermore I'm trying to plan summer vacation with the children and she's deny grating further access even though she's working her 12hr shifts.

Is it possible to change my motion material to include these items/facts?

Communication (or lack there of)

We have a clause that states nothing in order prevents additional access or a revised schedule.

Side note: It took her 2 months to reply to my request for vacation regardless of a clause that states 2 days to respond to communication. I prompted her and received a letter from her lawyer.

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