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Single parents on OW have to go after child support so it makes sense that parents with children with disabilities are eligible for support. I have a family member with an adult child on odsp diagnosed with epilepsy following a stroke. The intact family uses his odsp for his medical and travel expenses and some is put away for tuition for a vocational school. If they werent around he would barely survive. Think about it, there are so many programs and supports for children under the age of 18 with disabilities and almost all of them stop when they reach 18. Now parents have an adult who is incapable of taking care of themselves and limited supports available. These "kids" are also physically bigger and stronger and single parents require care assistance. ODSP barely covers transportation for programs.

The only part that scares me is what is the disability threshold? My partners ex is currently trying to argue his kids should still be children of the marriage because they have lingering issues from the divorce. Parents who just want continued child support will ruin this for parents truly struggling with a disabled child.
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