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Originally Posted by involveddad75 View Post
Why does one automatically assume that intact families would continue to support an adult child with disabilities? Where is the stats on that statement?

I foresee a day when children from intact families will ask for support from their parents, from the time they decide to move out.

It's only a matter of time until the government of the day realizes that ODSP, welfare and every other social benefit shouldn't be paid by tax payers anymore they should be paid by the person's parents.

Whether they are intact or not, whether they are retired or not.

The statement, you created it, you deal with it until they pass on comes to mind.
No, I do not have stats on it, but there are plenty of anecdotes about adults, often parents, who continue to care for disabled relatives long after they become adults. The situation exists, therefore the system should account for it.

Just as there are parents of disabled adults who worry greatly about who will care for the disabled person after the parents pass on, and do their best to make provisions for care in their wills.

A separated parent who refuses to do this and leaves the financial and caring responsibility entirely up to the other parent SHOULD be made to pay child support.

Of course, I think Basic Income should replace a lot of social benefit systems like ODSP and welfare. Perhaps I'm a socialist.

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