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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
..not to lower them and base them on real monies, but instead to allow parents ( specifically a mom in this case) to seek child support for adults with disability.

I wouldn't be surprised if the anxieties are a direct result of "Family" Law. Afterall, the mother has been seeking child support ever since this child was 4 years old, and continues to seek it now that he's an adult.


Shouldn't an adult child with disability be sufficient on Ontario Disability? Afterall , an adult parent (more likely than not, a father on disability) is apparantly sufficient enough to also pay child support. Love the double standard and mother biased manipulation here.
I had to google the article because your link has a typo in it.

It sounds like one of the primary reasons to do it was because it's already done in almost every other province. And it makes sense: a child that cannot support themselves due to disability still needs the support of parents. Both parents. An intact family would continue to pay. So separated parents should both continue to pay, adjusted by where the child lives.

I don't find it sexist though. If the disabled child resided with a father, the mother would have to pay. It's just reality, still, that mothers do the primary care for disabled children, even into adulthood.

I don't know much about ODSP though. Does it only kick in when a child becomes an adult? I'm pretty sure it isn't very much money, and would barely support living expenses, probably not therapies and day programs, etc. When you think about it, ODSP exists in the first place because parents don't always continue to support disabled children into their adulthood, or don't plan for their care after their own deaths.

And yes, even disabled people, of either gender, who have children are responsible for supporting them out of whatever income they have, even if it is ODSP. Don't have children if you can't afford it.
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