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See? This is a ridiculous argument.

In addition to the fact that your post talks about private school (high income families) Taken, your argument misses the point for me.

So, let's say for argument sake that uniforms are section 7.

Parent 1 says "Well, I am not paying."

Parent 2 says "But it is section 7"

Parent 1 says "No. Not paying."

Parent 2 receives $200 a month in CS.

Tayken says it isn't worth the fight. And he is right, Parent 2 couldn't afford the uniform, how could they afford a court case to take dick parent1 to court?

It is the same for my current situation, dance is over $5,000. Ex says "nope. not paying". So I have to take him to court and pay a lawyer to collect what he should be paying?

No parent should bother to pay anything under your philosophy of it will cost more to collect. Why pay when there is no consequence?? Further no parent should ever bother to go after any financial support as it costs too much to collect.

Perhaps the emphasis should be on concrete section 7 expenses so the parent1s of the world cannot create arbitrary situations and refuse to pay.

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