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Originally Posted by leroadrunner View Post
My daughter is in university and is working summer, which is great.

In discussion with my ex-wife about how much can we expect my daughter to contribute during the summer.

My lawyer suggested $5000 was a reasonable amount, my ex and her lawyer came back of course with less ($2500).

Does anyone know what the courts consider a reasonable amount these days?


If you are talking about just employment income I think $5000 is unreasonable. Most summer jobs are min wage. Let's say she is done school in April so can work May, June, July and August, or 16 weeks. Even if she made a little over min wage at $12 am hour, her total for 4 months would be $7680 before tax as long as she worked 40 hours ever week (40x$12x16 weeks).

Most summer jobs however are not full time, more like 30-35 hours so in reality she could make $5700-$7680 before tax in those summer holidays. I don't think she should be expected to put 100% towards her education, I also assume she will want some time off to do things in the summer (most teenagers do).

So based on income alone from summer employment I find $5000 unreasonable. However if she qualifies for OSAP or grants/loans that should certainly be taken into consideration as stated above.

A lot of factors come into play. Tuition, books, residence costs, meal plans, other school expenses, income of parents, loans/grants. I think it will be difficult to get a firm answer without knowing details.

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