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Hi Gwar,

It's refreshing to see that you and your ex can put your child above your distaste for each other and agree to a 50/50 relationship. Many who come to this site can't and will search for anything to refuse an equal relationship to another loving parent.

My experience has been fine. As long as you and your ex can maintain a business-like relationship, free of petty complaining, lying, sneaky BS you will be fine. Just never discuss anything negative regarding your ex in the presence of your kids.

Time away from my D6 is hard of course. I would love to have her full time. But I have to make best of the situation. For me, that means recharging my batteries and bettering myself in any way possible while I'm not with D6, so that she can benefit when she's with me again.

Make every second count when you're with her. Just be there for her and let her know you'll always love her.

If it helps you can usually get a claus or agreement that you have phone calls, facetime, skype, etc when you're not with her .. which also helps me out when I'm missing her.

D6 says she misses me quite a bit when shes with her mom. I always tell her, if she misses me, look up at the sky and stare at a star and I promise I'll be looking at the same one. For Fathers Day she drew me a picture of the sky with a big star .. she told me its the one we both stare at when she misses me at mommy's.

You'll get through it my friend.
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