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Originally Posted by trinton View Post
sorry. they depleted their remaining budget to my case. jokes aside, need to write a lengthy letter outlining changes since that time, effects on child, and how a neutral party to look into issues to make a recommendation could help bring things to a conclusion. best to have this done by a lawyer.

if you are being denied access then you shpuld be able to get favourable results from a judge without needing the OCL.
jokes are accepted trinton, anyhow, I motioned her for denied access back in February and a order reestablished access and then I did a separate motion to change final order as amended by the initial order I obtained. As a result for lost access time in the past 2 years I had asked for more access and for OCL involvement due to parental alienation concerns. I guess she's pretty happy that OCL declined service, I just want a know if anyone was successful in having OCL reconsider their decision and what shall I say in my letter to OCL or maybe shall I consider private assessments?
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