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Default OCL declined to provide service

I just received a letter from OCL informing us that they've decided that unfortunately they cannot provide service at this time.
The reasoning of their decision is:
"a review of the case history indicates that there have been multiple assessments or prolonged litigation. The case materials suggest that there is little possibility that the involvement of the Office of the Children's Lawyer would assist in resolving the matter. We have now closed our file."

There was only one assessment done in 2013 in the initial litigation which was completed in 2015. My concerns are interference of access of my ex until she terminated the existing access being in place since 2015. So this is the major change since last time OCL involvement. I know that there is no formal way to appeal it but at least I can write a letter to reconsider their decision. What chances are they may change their mind? Any advice of how should I prepare this letter?
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