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she will have to prove to the court that my 13/13.1 is not true
The onus is on the person making declarations to prove them. This is not to say that a bald statement from the other party - "they are worth more!" - is sufficient; however neither is your bald statement, "this is the value".

she will have to get a court to order me to provide all information
Her lawyer will request it in writing. If you refuse to provide it, they will bring a motion for disclosure - and for you to pay the costs of the motion. If your refusal was unreasonable (ie, if the disclosure needs to be provided), you will be hit with costs.

Once the accountant comes back and reports the truth, won't she look like a fool?
The court will not blame her for not knowing the value of your business.

You have claimed a value of X. She does not believe it, and is seeking to prove a different value. This is how it is done.

The question she needs to ask herself is whether the cost of pursuing this is financially worthwhile.
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