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I have an ex who constantly lies through emails as well. I used to find it unbearably upsetting, especially since I knew that he was attempting to set up these "facts" to use in court (we are on the trial list for next year). I got sucked into responding a lot of the time which resulted in many email battles and left me constantly stressed to the point that I'd get a stomache ache when my phone made the ding sound for an email coming in. Then I decided one day to just keep a file of these emails but not respond to him any further. Now when I receive one, I make notes all over it for myself as my evidence for why the claims aren't true. I then stick everything in a desktop folder. He has to prove his claims. I will deny and hope that I am believed. It has also resulted in less emails from him since he isn't getting me hooked in anymore which doesn't produce the result he wants (a poor reaction or making me say something I might regret). My advice is to ignore and document.

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