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Default Help! My ex is a liar

PLEASE! I need some advice.

My STBX is a huge liar. She lies in her Affidavits and the lies are getting bolder. I have a page of examples of exaggerations, twisted truths, distorted views and outright lies. Some are minor and can be shrugged off, some are what I think are big. Some can be exposed within the continuing record, some I have no documentation to disprove.

When I point the inconsistencies in my responding Affidavits, she makes an excuse for it or denies it. Now she has resorted to making up lies about me, I have no way to disprove it other than to deny it because there is no documentation that exists. (unless she has created it). In her Affidavits she quotes what the children have told her, which are lies or twisted truths.

Has anyone had to deal with this? How do you deal with it?

I am writing a factum, should I make a section on credibility and point all the issues out?

Thank you
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