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Originally Posted by tmac View Post
The problem is he is never around. The decision making is because he is unprodectable bad drug and alcohol problem

The mortgage payment is do to the diffebce in income.

He works hours that are not able to do 50/50 and doesn't have a stable place to live
he will be able to get a stable place to live once the current home is sold. Its tough enough to make mortgage payments and pay rent but I take it you are living in the house so you should be paying minimum half. I really dont care if the income is different. Why should he pay more then half when he isnt even living there.

He may be able to change his hours to do 50/50.

so far your two excuses for not doing 50/50 do not fly. Now the drinking and drugs is different. Was he doing that when you were dating? Does he have a record for DUI or drugs?
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