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Default Common law with 6 y old

Separated after 9 yrs common law. My lawyer sent an agreement to ex he has now retained a lawyer. Ex has bad spending after making 115k in 2015 had nothing left when no work in spring I has to cover all mortgage his truck his holiday trailer
While together we had a joint account all loans bills et came out of the account
Besides the mortgage I have no loans - I have company truck spring 2016 after he went back to work I quit putting all my money in joint account I paid only half of the mortgage taxes bills and groceries

In agreement we gave him his truck tailor and Harley Davidson I paid half for
Share equity of the home I am in the home paying every 3rd payment do to income percentage

Asked for child support guideline with average of last three years section 7 expenses

No spousal support

Joint custody while sole decision making by myself

Asked to change sons last name to hyphenate mine

His lawyer sent my lawyer an email that he has a couple things he doesn't agree with so we are having a 4 way meeting to discuss I don't think I have been unreasonable at all
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