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This isn't a contempt motion. The order hasn't been followed for a year, during which Kid has been living with me full time. The drunk-driving incident wasn't a one-off - it's the third time in ten months that cops have been called to deal with his behavior (and it's not me calling them). During the same time he's also had two extended hospitalizations for psychiatric problems, failed rehab three times, gone on long-term disability because of health problems associated with advanced alcoholism, has an open child protection investigation, and repeatedly harassed me and his other ex-wife verbally and in written form. There is every possible material change in circumstance. He is a classic alcoholic-in-a-downward-spiral.

Kid still does want to see him and I am facilitating that, otherwise I would have nothing to do with him at all. The drunk-at-school incident was the straw that finally pushed me over the edge to seek a legal remedy rather than keep hoping he would stop drinking.
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