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is there a final order in place? then you first need to prove a material change effecting custody and access. I don't think him showing up at the kids school drunk the _one_ time is material change. It's a protection concern that the CAS will decide on.

If the kid doesn't want to see dad (without _any_ influence from you) then that may hold. However, it is your obligation to encourage amd facilitie access to the other parent. If you have concerns then let the CAS and Police investigate your concerns. If they speak to dad and close the file with no safety concerns, then you really don't have a leg to stand on. If they investigate and have concerns, then the odds are in your favour.

I don't think they would agree to binding arbitration and would want you to prove a material change (the onus is on you).

There should be a return date. Are you perhaps not comp
lying with the order and they are simply bringing a contempt motion against you maybe?

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