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lawyers don't like the binding arbitration for 2 reasons - 1) they are usually inexperienced with it and 2) they make a small sliver of the amount they make going the other route.

JDR is excellent. You might have to wait for your ex to get a few bills from his lawyer before he agrees.

I can't say when it comes to child custody issues - I did the JDR for divorce. Probably much the same thing. You are in Alberta. Read information "practice notes" on JDR (judicial dispute resolution). You are correct - must be binding or it's a waste of time/money. I forget which city you are in. I know Calgary handles JDR a bit differently than Edmonton. You should get your lawyer to push for this. If he won't then you should get another lawyer. If you're in Edmonton I can give you the name of my lawyer. He also goes to Red Deer for some clients. But before you change lawyers you should have a frank discussion with your lawyer to find out where he's at. I know family court slows to a crawl in Edmonton during the summer. Less judges available for JDR's during that time.

My lawyer got my ex's lawyer to agree to JDR simply through some phone calls. Together they sent a letter to the coordinator. Date was set. Lawyers submitted briefs 30 days prior to JDR date. We met with judge and by the end of the day it was over. We went upstairs to a courtroom and judge pronounced us divorced and Order made (which was decided to earlier in day). Very simple process. Nothing is recorded. No witnesses. We broke for lunch and 2 coffee breaks. Very civilized process with the judge presiding over everything all day long.

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