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So you've never had a chance to be a proper parent. You had begun the process of moving in with the mother during the pregnancy with the intention of being a fully involved father, and then she broke up with you right after the child was born and has controlled/monitored your access like a dictatorial gatekeeper ever since.

You need to make the point that you are not a sperm donor and intend to be an equal parent in your child's life. You do not need supervision; like all first-time parents you will master the learning curve if given a chance. You are not a stranger to the child; she has seen you weekly for her whole life and understands you are her father. A child being introduced to full-time daycare at one year old after maternity leave finishes happens much less gradually than your ex is suggesting for you.

Ask for joint custody, because you deserve just as much input into your child's future as her mother does.

Ask for full Sundays to start with, progressing to overnights, then to full alternating weekends within a reasonable schedule, say six months to a year. Then a plan to have 50-50 access by adding extra days around the time she starts school or something. Present a plan that considers both the desire for a gradual introduction but the expectation that it will go well. It's important to look organized and reasonable.

As for her not being able to accommodate extra hours on Sunday because of her schedule, that's ridiculous. There is nothing more important in the child's life than for her to have a reasonable amount of time with her father in order to get to know him.

Have you been fighting this for the whole two years?? Are there any valid reasons for you not to have joint custody and lengthy access?
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