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affidavidt didnt matter

Court order proof of his unemployment didnt matter
Court ordered proof of expenses, assests, budget didnt matter
Produced nothing in court even though he was ordered.

And yet Again he rec'd a stay for another 3 months

3 years of stays of enforcement 3month incriments each time

Even though he produced t4's for the past 3 years showing that he made $200,000 each year and has paid less than $15,000 in 3 years for cs for 3 children.

I work 2 jobs earn under $30,000 and get $285 a month for cs yet he proved he worked for the past 3 years making gobbs of money.

Take this as proof that the mother is not always favoured in court.
I just asked for table amount of cs as i could see he could afford it from previous t4's yet judge again turned the other way and must of felt sorry for him, its too bad the judge didnt feel sorry for the children.

Waste of time money and energy
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