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I had a social worker. She was not knowledgeable in family law nor did she care about case law. She basically had a meeting with my ex, had a meeting with myself, saw the kids in exes care, saw the kids in my care and interviewed the kids twice, spoke to the school and to the CAS worker my ex has had involved for the last 11 years. She believed my exes lies without confirming with me or proof and she flat out told me on our first meeting that she is a mother with young children and she would never take kids away from mom because she couldn't live without hers. Needless to say she decided I was a terrible person and my ex was mother of the year (with the kids having 52 lates at the time in school, CAS having concerns, etc) and said that she believed my time should be reduced from every weekend to every 3rd weekend and the mother should have sole custody. Luckily I was able to get the report dismissed but it wasn't easy. I would avoid at all cost!
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