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Piggybanktoex no worries. We all come from the pain of our own individual experiences and see others situations through that lens.

My STBX is actually missing a chunk of his brain. His illogical and bizarre behaviours are explainable. The fact the court is allowing him to harm the children and I because of the things he does, is not.

The court has also overstepped their legal bounds in one order. My own lawyer suggested I comply with this order which violated my human rights. I don't want to go in to detail. I did not comply and there is absolutely nothing the judge can do about it . Defying this order turned out to be the best decision I have made yet throughout this litigation as it benifits the children and I beyond measure.

But again, I would never have had to exert my rights in this fashion had we gone to trial and dealt with at least some of the issues.

Hence my post that the Jordan ruling should be applicable to family litigants and their children. We're human beings too!

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