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Piggyback to Ex, my situation is unusual in that my ex is severely brain damaged and his lawyer is milking him for his 7 figure accident settlement monies.
I am a well educated professional and worked part time during the marriage. After separation my ex went on a mission to destroy all my sources of income, including my business and my job. He does not wish to pay spousal or child support and in the same breath has filed vexatious complaints with my employer in an effort to have me fired. He does not want to support me but also at the same time does not want me to stand on my own two feet ( which I have done).
Despite his best efforts to destroy me I am working full time ( my employer has a restraining order against him).

I have full defacto custody of the children ( he has supervised because he assaulted them).

He has made life for the children and I a living hell. We have been homeless at one point , have had to go into hiding twice.... I have had legal representation, self-repped and now that I'm working have a lawyer again.

My STBX is livid that I have landed an excellent paying job. He
Is worth 7 figures yet pays a few hundred in Child support only when he feels like it.

He does not want the litigation to end! It's about power, control and revenge for him. He's too brain damaged to care what it's doing to the kids.

I just want it to end and move on with my life. That's why I feel there should be a reasonable time line to trial for family court litigants. Six years with not a single solitary issue resolved because my ex is not mentally all there is not acceptable. It's nothing short of torture!

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