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LovingFather32 is an unknown quantity at this point

Not sure what LF is posting here as I still have him on my ignore list for obvious reasons but in the interest of the truth, you are right that he never requested 50/50 from the start.
I'm surprised that nobody here cares that Angie makes things up as she goes along. Its truly a shame.

Her very first post:

I then received a proposed new agreement from his lawyer suggesting he get 50-50
Yes he has asked for 50/50. What are you talking about? How do you have any credibility here?

In my threads I never went back on what I said. There were never any inconsistencies. I'm pointing them out every month here and nobody seems to care that she's straight out lying on the threads.

Yea .. I wouldn't want to be called out on lies either. I'd put me on ignore too and only talk to those stroking me.

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